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SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions - Plot with Asuka

"Place your hands over my heart… Can you feel it beating?"

In a classroom bathed in twilight, the shinobi-in-training Asuka approaches you. She extends her hand, and you place it in yours, your fingers touching. She looks troubled. As you hold her hand, her imagination whisks you off to a battlefield, where she is a ninja on a secret mission. Only you can help her relax enough to complete her assignment. Using your hands, start with her fingers, then her shoulders…

Suddenly, you are back in the classroom. From there, her imagination takes you to a bedroom, a school nurse's office, backstage at a concert…

"Can you help me find…myself?"

Wherever you go, Asuka wants to get closer to you. Get more comfortable and, with time, take your place in this shinobi girl's heart.

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Plot - Screenshot 2
Plot - Screenshot 3

Pressure Points

Get Ready to Rumble

Reflexions makes full use of HD rumble technology to simulate the feel of interacting with Asuka's body. The better you can react to her signals, the closer you will become.

Plot - Screenshot 1
Plot - Screenshot 3

Dress for Success

Customize your special girl's outfit, hair, and accessories in the Dressing Room. Fan-favorite outfits and options return, along with new ones.

Plot - Screenshot 5
Plot - Screenshot 6

A Hands-On Narrative

Interacting with Asuka in different ways will lead to branching story paths. With 7 different story lines and multiple endings, only a master of shinobi reflexology can experience them all.

Plot - Screenshot 7
Plot - Screenshot 8

More Characters to Caress

In addition to Asuka, make lovely memories with other girls as downloadable content. Fan-favorites Yumi, Murasaki, Ryona, and Yomi will be waiting for you after class, should you so desire.

More Honeys
Plot - Screenshot 9

Magic Touch


Reflexology is a form of massage created to soothe a girl's body and soul. This technique is divided into three parts: Standard Reflexology (Hand), Standard Reflexology (Body), and Glorious Reflexology.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 1

Standard Reflexology (Hand)

Hold her hands and see where Asuka's imagination takes you. Gently squeezing her fingers and palms will whisk the two of you away into different daydreams.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 7

Standard Reflexology (Body)

Asuka will show you different sides of her personality. Touch, caress, and squeeze her entire body to soothe her spirit. How you massage her will change her mood.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 8
Magic Touch - Screenshot 9
Magic Touch - Screenshot 10
Magic Touch - Screenshot 11

Glorious Reflexology

Once her mood has been heightened sufficiently by your caresses, Asuka will be ready for Glorious Reflexology!

Royal Course (Hand Massage)

Use your light touch to treat her to a luxurious and stimulating thigh massage.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 13

Luxury Course (Roller Massage)

Give her an exquisite experience with this pleasurable roller.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 14

Fantastic Course (Brush Massage)

The sensation of this fine brush will take her to another dimension of relaxation.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 15

Ultimate Course (Electric Massage)

The ceaseless vibration will soothe her like never before.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 16


Change Asuka's outfits, hairstyle, and accessories. Show her your favorite ensembles!

Magic Touch - Screenshot 17
Magic Touch - Screenshot 18


Dress her to the nines and spend some quality time together without any "Plot" to get in the way. Use your hands and water gun to your heart's content.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 20


Create elaborate scenes by posing Asuka against a variety of backgrounds. With four other characters available as downloadable content, you can create dioramas of your favorite shinobi squad.

Magic Touch - Screenshot 21
Magic Touch - Screenshot 22

More Honeys

Though Asuka is the default character included in the base game, you can get acquainted with these other girls' storylines, which are offered as premium DLC.

More Honeys - Yumi


Something seems amiss with the normally calm and collected Yumi. Why is she so nervous? There's something she needs to tell you.

More Honeys - Yumi Screenshot 1
More Honeys - Yumi Screenshot 2
More Honeys - Yumi Screenshot 3
More Honeys - Yumi Screenshot 5
More Honeys - Yumi Screenshot 6
More Honeys - Murasaki


Pessimistic and prone to locking herself away, Murasaki has ventured all the way here to meet with you. There's something only you can do for her.

More Honeys - Murasaki Screenshot 1
More Honeys - Murasaki Screenshot 2
More Honeys - Murasaki Screenshot 3
More Honeys - Murasaki Screenshot 5
More Honeys - Murasaki Screenshot 6
More Honeys - Ryona


Dedicated masochist Ryōna has mysteriously shed her submissive ways to give you instructions. There's something she needs your help with.

More Honeys - Ryona Screenshot 1
More Honeys - Ryona Screenshot 2
More Honeys - Ryona Screenshot 3
More Honeys - Ryona Screenshot 5
More Honeys - Ryona Screenshot 6
More Honeys - Yomi


Yomi usually only has eyes for bean sprouts, but suddenly there seems to be something sprouting between the two of you. She wants to show you every side of her.

More Honeys - Yomi Screenshot 1
More Honeys - Yomi Screenshot 2
More Honeys - Yomi Screenshot 3
More Honeys - Yomi Screenshot 5
More Honeys - Yomi Screenshot 6

Extra Credit



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Week 1 (Launch Week)

Yumi Reflexions Course & 9-Outfit Set

Yumi Outfit Set 1

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

Yumi Outfit Set 2

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

New Outfit Set

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

Newlyweds Outfit Set

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

New Accessory Set

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

30 Accessory Set

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

Diorama Set 1

Yumi DLC Yumi DLC Yumi DLC

Week 2

Murasaki Reflexions Course & 7-Outfit Set

Murasaki Outfit Set 1

Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC

Murasaki Outfit Set 2

Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC

Hairstyle Set

Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC

Diorama Pose Set 2

Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC Murasaki DLC

Week 3

Ryōna Reflexions Course & 7-Outfit Set

Ryōna Outfit Set 1

Ryona DLC Ryona DLC Ryona DLC

Ryōna Outfit Set 2

Ryona DLC Ryona DLC

Gym Uniform Outfit Set

Ryona DLC Ryona DLC Ryona DLC

Week 4

Yomi Reflexions Course & 12-Outfit Set

Yomi Outfit Set 1

Yomi DLC Yomi DLC Yomi DLC Yomi DLC

Yomi Outfit Set 2

Yomi DLC Yomi DLC Yomi DLC